Literacy Learning Map: ITL-608

This assignment was based off of the case study performed in ITL 606 about Mr. Jones and his math students. To create this learning map, I was assigned a group of two other members and we worked together to come up with a math lesson with strategies to aid in literacy for an ELL and special needs student. This particular map is extremely detailed in what the lesson in class will be, what materials are needed and most importantly how the lesson will be executed by the teacher. At the bottom of the learning map there is a section for reflection that is crucial to the teacher to look back on and make adjustments to their teaching technique if they find it is not effective. This assignment demonstrated the importance of collaborating with colleagues and to be well prepared along with flexible while lesson planning.


Developmental Theories Paper: ITL-606

This paper required research on three different developmental theorists, Piaget, Vygotsky, and Kohlberg. This first requirement for this paper was to briefly compare and contrast the three different theories. Then next step was to choose one theorist, I chose Vygotsky’s cognitive developmental theory. After outlining the basics of Vygotsky’s theory I shared a time that I used scaffolding while coaching a high school’s color guard. After researching all three different theorists along with their developmental theories, I was inspired to but some of their ideas to work in my future classroom.


IRIS Module SOS: ITL-604

This project took each student through A hypothetical scenario of a teacher who has two students who are falling behind in class due to lack of focus. The module then outlines different forms of self-regulation along with benefits of each method. Each student then wrote a comprehensive essay answering questions questions given by the instructor about the material of the module.



For this project each student was given a choice of what topics to research and how to present what was learned in this project. There were three different components organized as appetizer, main dish and dessert. Each course had multiple topics along with suggested resources.I chose to organized my findings in the forma of a brochure. As a student, I liked the freedom that was given to choose what topic to do the project on, rather than having all students to do the “cookie cutter” version were everyone does the same project. The topics ranged from mandated reporting to digital citizenship and how to present yourself in a professional manor in the classroom. This project gave a detailed look of what to expect as an educator besides teaching the students the curriculum.

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In this project, my group of four created a presentation outlining the qualities needed to be mastered by an educator. Throughout the project we uncovered what it means to be a motivated, dedicated, ethical and inspired teacher. By comparing the elements required to master the teacher performance expectations (TPE) we identified the steps it takes to master the skills necessary to create a safe and effective classroom.